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The "Termiticide Flex Plug System and Method" (U.S. Patent No.: US 9,986,728 B2). A more cost effective, user-friendly, and efficient plug.



T-Handle Tools and Starter Kits are only used by techs to instantly countersink

plugs for patching concrete drill holes faster.

Termiticide Flex Plug System and Method"   U.S. Patent  No.: US 9,986,728 B2

Contact us for free samples with free shipping for your company. Include drill hole size with company name, complete address, and a phone number. Limited supplies are available.

Poly Plugs by Pest Boys is only one of the two parts to a more cost effective, user-friendly, and efficient system. The second part is the all important "T-Handle Tool” with its adjustable depth ability which is used to instantly counter sink the Poly Plugs down into the drill holes. The plug will support the wet cement patch materials for the drill holes in concrete slabs until cured. Poly Plugs by Pest Boys are available for 3/8", 1/2", 9/16", and 5/8" drilled holes which are used in the termite industry. 


Poly Plugs are used in the mudjacking/slab leveling repair industry to support patching materials in drill holes. We are now sending free samples of Poly Plugs to slab leveling companies which email us their size of drill holes. We've always had 5/8" drill hole plugs. We are currently working on adding additional Poly Plug sizes for 1 inch, 1-1/4", 1-5/8", 2", and 2-5/8" drilled holes. Just email us at with the size of drill holes along with the ship to address for your free samples.

Three benefits using Poly Plugs by Pest Boys to seal mudjacking drill holes:

1. Poly Plugs can be partially inserted into drill holes to prevent water from draining through slab from storms. After the rains pass Poly Plugs can be removed so slab leveling materials can be injected below slabs and the plugs can again be reinserted back into drill holes and ready to patch.


2. Poly Plugs will provide room for expanding freezing soil and moisture to help prevent plugs from being forced up out of drill holes. Installing more ridged plugs such as those made out of wood or plastic would be more easily forced up and out of drill holes.


3. Poly Plugs can be inserted into drill holes to the depth to a specific depth needed for patching materials to seal holes. If only 3” of patching material is required to seal the holes, technicians could insert Poly Plugs to that specific depth. This would save 25-50% or more of the patching materials and time required to seal every hole saving labor cost also.


Poly Plugs are also being used in the Powder Coating industry as powder coat supply hose cleaners.

Just make sure you order the regular 500 count bags of Poly Plugs and not the starter kits. Send three (3) or more plugs , one at a time, through hoses with an air compressor to clean contaminates from the inside of those hoses.


Two Added Important Tips

1. If termite or foundation treatment holes are drilled around exteriors of structures and rain storms should suddenly approach, Poly Plugs (closed cell material) can be quickly installed leaving them just above the top of slabs in order to prevent rain runoffs to enter drill holes prior to, or after treatment. After rains have passed, Poly plugs can either be removed for termite or foundation treatment, or counter sunk to apply patching materials.

2. Since Poly Plugs are a closed cell material, they will not absorb moisture out of concrete patch. This will allow the concrete to dry evenly. A quick scuff over the concrete patch with your boot after patch has cured for 10 minutes, and the holes are almost undetectable. The plugs will be covered and not seen again.


"Since switching to Poly Plugs, we have increased productivity, saved money and our technicians are much happier too! Poly Plugs will certainly be our product of choice!"

"The Poly Plugs are working just fine and our teams have been very happy with your product…They are MUCH easier to use and cost less than the traditional rubber/plastic plugs…So you have a two thumbs up with us…"

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