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Plugs for 1.50" to 1.75" Drill Hole Diameters, or Hose Cleaners 400 ct. 12" square box


Foam Poly Plugs by Pest Boys are mainly used by pavement mudjacking and slab leveling technicians. They are much more economical than wooden plugs being used by some firms. The sole purpose of these closed celled foam plugs is to support patching materials until cured. These plugs will not fall through 1.50" up to 1.75"holes. Some firms may even use these plugs as hydraulic hose cleaners for light debris and/or dirt build up inside of hoses prior to installation of hoses.


Order the plugs for what size the drill holes are in slabs or hose inside diameter.


First, technicians must clean drill holes with water or wire brush to remove any contaminates after materials have been injected so patching materials can bond with side walls properly. Next, install plug to desired depth. Finally, pour patching material in hole to cure and seal.


If plugs are to be used as Hose and/or Pipe Cleaners, take three (3) plugs and use compressed air to blow plugs through hose, one plug at a time, a minimum of three (3) times. These plugs will not remove corrosion in pipes or hoses. Pipes or hoses with signs of corrosion or heavily soiled are recommended to be replaced, not cleaned.q

50 ct 1.75" Plugs for 1.50" to 1.75" Diameter Mudjacking holes or Hoses Box

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