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Trying to make something to fit ideally in holes, and perform in a way which they were not designed for, can and does waste a lot of valuable time. Also, you want to use the right tool for the right job? Because you're not as fast as you think you are at installing those free packing peanuts, paper towels, expensive rubber, or costly plastic plugs as a one size fits all, or stand alone termite drill hole plug are you? Finally, are you tired of wearing the skin off your fingers by pushing what ever type of plugs you're now using, down into the drill holes? Then that's why you need our T-Handle Tool? Watch the short video below and see that I can easily install (10) Poly Plugs by Pest Boys and countersink all of them all to the same depth in under 60 seconds. Now have somebody time you and see how fast you're install[ng what you're presently using? Now multiply each of our times by by ten (10) which would represent only a hundred drill holes, or 100 linear feet of termite treatment distance.

And please, don't tell me how fast you can install what you're using, show me. No single plug will be the perfect one in every situation as I've told people. So try to pick the best plug for each situation.

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