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Part 1

I have 31 years of experience of completely eliminating rodents from backyard sheds to major league stadiums for 10 consecutive years and even longer. When it comes to rodents, I'm convinced that mice are as dumb as they come. No matter how many times you set a snap trap wrong or how many times it fails to catch its victim, in the end it will catch him. Especially if you set a trap with the right bait, and Tom, even Jerry says "it's not cheese". And if a large structure has a problem with mice, the facility is out of control because rats are running the show. When food sources are plentiful the rats will ignore the little fellas. But, if and when food becomes scarce, the mice are demoted from food gatherers to being on the menu. Rats will run down smaller rodents in order to mate or as a dinner date.

Whenever a major indoor or dome sports stadium opens with just a single pair of rats in it, and they all do, it will close with anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand rats living inside. The rats are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in damages to the stadium's communication and electronic systems annually alone. Still, the operators of major sports venues continue to ignore or even acknowledge to the public that every one of them in the U.S. have serious ongoing issues with rodents. The major sports venues management teams repeatedly being told by pest control vendors that "they call it pest control and not pest elimination for a reason". And with good reason, 99.99% of people working within sports structures have never ever seen or worked in one without rats. The odds are heavily in my favor that the pest controls certified applicator and technicians haven't ever seen a major league stadium without rats either.

Be careful where you eat, that may not only be ground up pepper on your salad.

Tshe wooden Victor are awesome snap traps for mice and rats so long as it don't have an extended trigger. Why? Because when a rat touches an edge of the extended trigger which activates the snap action, the trap often will break the end of the rats nose without catching them. And then they'll run around until they bleed out, leaving one hell of a mess.

Lary Adkins

Pest Boys Inc.

Note: The rats I eliminate here in Dallas/Fort Worth are mostly Roof Rats and may be dumber than the ones found in your region of our world.


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