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Why are health departments not requiring motion detection cameras deep within these highly at risk structures which could verify and ensure that the public that their food is safe from them?

Because those same cameras would instead prove their claims 100% false. I see a lot of the dead ones while working on them. But even I rarely will see a live one inside of the infested structures without a motion activated camera. Cameras would also be used to confirm that every last one of them living inside has been eliminated.

Everyone is always claiming that there's not a problem. But, absolutely no one who works in and or responsible for protecting the food wants cameras placed where they can record the evidence that would 100% confirm an ongoing rodent infestation either. Especially if they're one of the people who's been claiming that the situation has been and is under control.

Yes, I'm talking about the 500 - 1,000 of healthy rats which are currently living in every stadium around the world. And it'll remain that way until people realize there are more than 10 - 20 rats in each one.

Can rodents be 100% completely eliminated from stadiums, absolutely. I've been successful in eliminating 100% of them from 4 out of 4 sports venues for 8-20 consecutive years with little to no issues only to have them re-infested within 2 years after they changed service providers. I lost the service contracts to all 4 because of the bidding process for contracts. New service providers are large nationwide companies which could, but did not, provide good rodent monitoring services as promised.

The following venues were all rodent free and then maintained for a fraction of what it's costing each venue today. Venues such as Texas Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys 1999-2008, The Ballpark in Arlington for the Texas Rangers and Sports/Service Vendor 1994-2005, and the entire 1,200 acre properties structures in of the Texas Motor Speedway. 1987-2017, Riders Field for The Frisco RoughRiders 2002-2006 in Frisco, TX. And finally, Epiic Water Park in Grand Prairie, TX (2017- current).

If I can't eliminate 100% of the rodents from your stand alone major sports venue within 90 days, my services will be provided for free. But, if I do eliminate the rodents from the structure, you'll double my original fee amounts we agreed upon.



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